The Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program started in 2013, available for 4 applicants from the School of Medical Technology FEU-NRMF with GWA of 2.5 and a grant of $300 per semester. In 2016, 2 new scholarship spots with a grant of $1000 per person per year was established ¬†for students at Carmelite College of Siquijor. The scholars graduated in 2019 with RBEC (Revised Basice Education Curriculum) degree. In 2019, the MATAMIS Project in Davao Occidental was initiated with a grant of US$1,800 per year for 10 “lumad” students and an additional $200 to help the teaching staff.

Click three links below to get information on how to qualify for the MTIAS Scholarship, download the Application Form and how to contribute to the Scholarship/Awards Program.