It's time to discover the wonderful world of feu-nrmf medical technology international alumni society

Let us begin the adventure outside and inside the academe! And the life as alumni of a prestigious institution.


Membership is easy and fun. $30 annually, $50 for two years or a Lifetime of Membership at $300 payable in two years.

Biennial Reunion

For the past many years, Las Vegas has been the favourite. For 2020, a Continuing Educational Seminar will be included in the Reunion. WATCH THIS SPACE for more information!

Continuing Education Seminar

One of the key objectives of the Society is to elevate our profession to the highest level. Twice a year, Continuing Education Seminars will be held, under the leadership of our Chair for CES - Tess Crisostomo.


The Philippine Homecoming usually happens on the third Thursday of January. The most recent one was January 16, 2019 where the Society presented the Excellence Awards. It was also the Golden Anniversary of Class 1969.

Why do we need to participate

Only with our collegial, unique and creative ability can we develop and evolve into a successful Society.

What Can We give back

Only in this convergent oneness in our spirit can we achieve a full emergence of a worthwhile Society.