Who We Are

Alumni of FEU-NRMF School of Medical Technology, Institute of Medicine

Our Mission

To connect all alumni of the FEU-NRMF School of Medical Technology!

Our graduates have “diasporically” gone all over the world, equipped with excellence in clinical laboratory sciences and made the world a better place to live.

In this website/blog we bring about small and large scientific and friendly meetings, Reunions and encourage attendance to the annual Philippine Alumni Homecomings and Awards Night at our home – the FEU-NRMF School of Medical Technology at Fairview, Quezon City.

Excellence in our profession

You will find us in small and large clinical laboratories; in teaching institutions and research. Others have gone to pursue a life in clinical pathology and other medical specialties.

We support the development of our students by providing Excellence Awards and Scholarship Grants.

Our Core Values

“In thy happy halls, our young hearts saw the light – command thy sons and daughters to battle for the right. Though far from home, our feet may roam, our love will still be true……