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Maxi Edora Report October 26, 2016 Click here to read Report!

Dan Dominguez Report April 2, 2016 Click here to read Report!

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2016 Reunion Presentation of Officers: Las Vegas, NV

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Reunion Updates

2018 Reunion: TBA


2018 FEU-NRMF MTAS Homecoming and presentation of the Excellence Awards is set for January 17, 2018

FEU-NRMF MT International Alumni Society Outreach to the Aeta Communities is set for January 4-10, 2018. Schedule of activities to follow!

In thy happy halls, our young hearts saw the light ........


Our President

Our 2016-2018 President, Maxi Cruz Edora. Class of '76. Clinical Laboratory Scientist at University of California San Francisco since January 1978. Married to a very supportive husband with three grown up children and two grandchildren. Will soon be retiring and will have more time to focus on things that matter most to enrich our lives like spending more time with loved ones, spend more time doing community service and things that will be more rewarding to our soul.

My Platform:
In line with the society's goals:
1. I will promote the profession by setting up continuing education seminars once a year either locally or in the Philippines.
2. Will continue with the scholarship programs to help students not able to pursue their dreams due to their financial hardship. I strongly believe in helping people to improve their lives.
3. Increase our membership. We need to grow in number. I will encourage membership because I believe that we will be stronger together. It is normal for people to ask: "What do I get for being a member." In order to encourage membership specially to working people who are busy raising families, we need to give something back to our own members. With my administration, We will form an Educational Committee to work on providing free CE webinars to our members, details of this will be discussed further by the committee that we will establish.

Worldwide Membership

Everyone is encouraged to participate in connecting all graduates of FEU-NRMF School of Medical Technology.