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The President’s message:

FEU-NRMF MTIAS ACTIVITY PROGRESS REPORT 2016 The year 2016, marks the beginning of a broader challenges. As a Society we made the efforts to be more visible in many ways. We want to continue what we believe serves the purpose of our existence as an organization. It is very important to know that it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort to bring positive results in every step we do. We want to make sure we have plans set up for the year.

Let me start by sharing with you few of the important events that happened the first quarter of this year.

A) January 20, 2016, Crowne Plaza Ortigas, I represented our Society in the celebration of the “Most Outstanding Alumni Awards” given to all deserving alumni of our beloved FEU-NRMF. Two BSMT alumni were chosen namely; Mr. Nardito Moraleta for his “Leadership”and Miss Nema F. Lintag for her “Career Achievements.” This is the first time that FEU-NRMF is giving this kind of awards. The next one will be after five years.

B) January 22, 2016, a very busy day that started in morning with a meeting with Atty. Abad, President of FEU-NRMF, Dr. Lennie Florentin Natividad, Dean of BSMT School and the officers of FEU-NRMF MTAS, to discuss the International Society’s current and future plans for the local students, scholarship programs and the school. Mr. Tony Ricafort, the immediate past president of FEU-NRMF MTIAS and I are very grateful for the opportunity to meet with them.

We met Noreen Eduardo Antonino, a top ten finisher in the recent 2015 RMT licensing examination and a recipient of a full ride scholarship in the School of Medicine as promised by the agreement set forth by Atty. Abad, President of FEU-NRMF and Tony Ricafort, past president of FEU-NRMF MTIAS. We visited the new FEU-NRMF building and attended the CE seminar provided by the school where Tony Ricafort was one of the speakers.

After the seminar, we attended the Alumni Homecoming reunion dinner and awards that night. It was a moment of joy and happiness to see our past president, Tony Ricafort received the “Most Outstanding Alumni” award given by the FEU-NRMF MTAS. At the same night, Tony and I presented the FEU-MTIAS 2015 Excellence Awards Certificates, with cash rewards to the following recipients:

1. Adrian Pineda – Presidential Excellence Award and a cash of $100 given by yours truly.

2. Monica Stephanie Moreno – Academic Excellence award for Bacteriology, $50 donated by Priscilla Guerzon Cruz

3. T J Jaula – Academic Excellence award for Chemistry 1/2, Clinical Microscopy-AUBF, Hematology ½ & Parasitology; $50 for each subject donated by; Virginia L. Hopkins, Carmelita Galang, Erlinda Yadao Parsons, Normina Lontoc Torres, Lily Cometa Beltran & Bert Gomez

4. Josbeth Banaag – Academic Excellence award for Histopathology & Mycology-Virology, $50 each subject donated by; Enriqueta R. Watkins & Danny Rufo

5. Kathlene Joy Labrador – a scholarship grant to pursue a Master’s Degree in Medical Technology. It is another step for local students to pursue a higher learning and is one of the prime objectives of the International Society.

6. To develop leaders through education is another hall mark of our Society – to fulfill this, two college students at the Carmelite College in Tinago, Siquijor are receiving a grant of $1000 each per year. Novelyn Jumawan and Nina Osco are on their first year towards achieving a teaching degree. Both are monitored by Sor Flor Pauline Duran Carm OL, Director of the Carmelite of Our Lady.

All of these scholarship funds are voluntarily being donated by our beloved, kind and generous fellow alumni. As a member of FEU-NRMF MTIAS, your kind support and donations are being well spent and properly structured to help local students and the community. On a professional level of our activity as an organization, we plan to make a difference. As your president, it is my belief that if we can be united in setting up plans and make it work, good things will come, not only for our own fellow alumni, but also to our colleagues in our own profession.

So, on April 9, 2016 at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas; a Continuing Education seminar was held sponsored by FEU-NRMF MTIAS and PAMET NOR-CAL, to raise funds for our local students and school. A well -received and informative lectures provided by our very own FEU-NRMF alumni namely, JUDY HENG, WALTER BAYUBAY, TESS CRISOSTOMO, Maj (Ret.) NESTOR GUERRERO & LUZ GUERRERO and LET NEGADO, a UST alumna who committed their time, knowledge and experience to all BSMT colleagues in our profession. All together we were supported by our fellow PAMET chapter officers and members from Nevada, Southern California, San Diego and Northern California. I do very much appreciate the presence of some familiar faces who are in the management positions; Laboratory Directors, Lab. Managers, Asst. Lab. Manager and supervisors of different facilities.

MAXI EDORA, our Vice President did an excellent job of coordinating this event. Little did we know, some of the alumni attendees are former students of one of our speakers. And a couple of the presenters are former professor of the lecturer. A time of bonding and reminiscing the good old days! The hard work paid off and now we look forward to our next challenge, our upcoming FEU-NRMF MTIAS Alumni reunion on October 14-16 at Gold Coast Casino.

MAXI EDORA will again be the event coordinator. We would like to invite all FEU-NRMF BSMT Alumni to join us. Let’s make this a grand event, a good time to bond, to network and be counted. Most of all, I urge you to be a member to help us get our Society moving forward. Check our website at www.feuinternationalmedetech.org for membership form and current activities. Look and follow us at in Facebook as well – FEU-NRMF Medical Technology International Society.

This is it for now.

In Unity,

Dan Dominguez,

President FEU-NRMF MTIAS 2014-2016


August 11, 2015 PROGRESS REPORT

Dear Fellow Alumni;
I would like to submit to you our Society's Progress report for this year. 

A) Amendments of our BY-LAWS. Last March 21-23, 2015, in Richmond, BC, the Executive Officers convened to discuss, make suggestions and changes to our By-Laws. Followed by our monthly Skype meetings, our By-Laws has been approved and finalized and is ready for submission and approval to the Department of Ministry, BC.

B) Scholarships and Excellence Awards. We are proud to sponsor these awards to all deserving PHILIPPINE FEU-NRMF MT students on a yearly basis. The students who apply for scholarships are being screened and selected by the FEU-NRMF MTAS (PHIL) Executive Board officers and are submitted to us for approval. Thru the generous and kind donations from our loyal officers and members, we are making a difference to students who are in need of financial support to achieve their goals in life. The list of donors and awardees are in our website; feuinternationalmedtech.org. We welcome those who are interested to be a donor for these awards.

C) Community Service. This year, we extended our help to 2 needy and deserving students at Carmelite College in Siquijor. We donated $2000 for this cause.

D) FEU-NRMF MTIAS Reunion will be held again in Las Vegas on October 14-16, 2016 at Gold Coast Casino Resort. Maxi Edora is the chairperson of this event. We encourage you to make plans and participate. We are targeting all BSMT Class years to join and be involved.

E) Fund Raising. To keep our Society's goals moving forward, Maxi and I are planning to hold a CE seminar in Las Vegas in April 9, 2016 (Details to follow). This is a joint effort by PAMET NOR-CAL and FEU-NRMF MTIAS. We are seeking for some lecturers or speakers to help us make this event successful. Remember the date and make plans.

F) Membership Drive. We are sincerely seeking your support to be a member; a year or two or better yet a LIFETIME member (can be paid in 2 installments)! For a simple donation, you can be a part of a wonderful journey. Just visit and check our website: feuinternationalmedtech.org for all updates and current activities. TO REGISTER FOR MEMBERSHIP please follow the steps or links in our website. Let's call ourselves a TRUE FEU BSMT ALUMNI and BE PROUD.

G) FEU-NRMF Alumni Reunion (Philippines). Tony Ricafort, our past President and I will attend the event on January 22, 2016 in FEU-NRMF School of Medicine/MT to deliver our scholarship awards to the selected students. We will also discuss with the FEU-NRMF MTAS Executive Board Officers our future plans for the students and school.

Further, I am just very proud of my fellow officers and very supportive members who unselfishly devote their time and services for our Society. The overall result and satisfaction of this volunteerism is just plain and simple... "To make a Difference." Let's all be a part of this movement.


Dan Dominguez, CLS

Pres. FEU-NRMF MTIAS 2014-2016


2016 Reunion: Las Vegas, NV

Click this and watch a video about Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas

Reunion Updates

2016 Reunion: October 14-16 Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada


2017 Homecoming celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Grads.

This photo is the link to Philippine reunions.

In thy happy halls, our young hearts saw the light ........


Our President

Our 2016-2018 President, Maxi Cruz Edora. Class of '76. Clinical Laboratory Scientist at University of California San Francisco since January 1978. Married to a very supportive husband with three grown up children and two grandchildren. Will soon be retiring and will have more time to focus on things that matter most to enrich our lives like spending more time with loved ones, spend more time doing community service and things that will be more rewarding to our soul.

My Platform:
In line with the society's goals:
1. I will promote the profession by setting up continuing education seminars once a year either locally or in the Philippines.
2. Will continue with the scholarship programs to help students not able to pursue their dreams due to their financial hardship. I strongly believe in helping people to improve their lives.
3. Increase our membership. We need to grow in number. I will encourage membership because I believe that we will be stronger together. It is normal for people to ask: "What do I get for being a member." In order to encourage membership specially to working people who are busy raising families, we need to give something back to our own members. With my administration, We will form an Educational Committee to work on providing free CE webinars to our members, details of this will be discussed further by the committee that we will establish.

Worldwide Membership

Everyone is encouraged to participate in connecting all graduates of FEU-NRMF School of Medical Technology.